Dr. Kenneth W. Heydrick

Executive Director
Texas STEM Coalition
Austin, TX

Dr. Kenneth W. Heydrick has over 35 years of experience in education, focusing on curriculum alignment, assessment, and inquiry-based instruction. Dr. Heydrick recently retired from his position as a Research Professor at the Ingenuity STEM Center at the University of Texas at Tyler. He is currently the executive director of the Texas STEM Coalition and also serves as executive director for the National Science Education Leadership Association. He has been elected president of the Texas Science Education Leadership Association (for two terms) and the Science Teachers Association of Texas. Dr. Heydrick has been the Director of Science Curriculum for the Texas Education Agency, a district-level science coordinator, and a high school science teacher. He is dedicated to serving teachers to improve science education.

Dr. Heydrick holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northern Illinois University and a doctorate from the University of Houston.