REL Southwest
4700 Mueller Blvd.
Austin, TX 78723
Tel: 800-476-6861
Fax: 512-476-2286

Photo of Michael Vaden-Kiernan

Michael Vaden-Kiernan, Ph.D.

Managing Researcher, American Institutes for Research

REL Southwest Staff

Leadership Team

Name Title Phone
Brown, Darlene Needs Assessment and Collaboration Lead 800-644-8671
Burniske, Jackie Dissemination Lead 512-391-6518
Caverly, Sarah Analytic Technical Support Lead 512-391-6509
Dodson, Melissa Co-Deputy Director 512-391-6606
LaTurner, Jason Co-Deputy Director 512-391-6570
Mellor, Lynn Applied Research and Evaluation Lead 512-391-6614
Muoneke, Ada Research Alliances Lead 512-391-6540
Vaden-Kiernan, Michael Director 512-391-6562

Alliance and Research Staff

Name Title Phone
Arellano, Brenda Alliance Researcher 512-391-6602
August, Diane Alliance Researcher 202-403-5949
Barkowski, Elizabeth Alliance Researcher 512-391-6598
Eyster, Sandy Alliance Researcher 202-403-5000
Fireside, Doug Alliance Liaison 202-403-6634
Garcia, Alicia Alliance Researcher 312-288-7637
Gerdeman, Dean Alliance Researcher 202-403-5000
Herrera, Angelica Alliance Researcher 512-391-6577
Hinojosa, Trisha Alliance Researcher 202-403-5000
Keizer, Janice Alliance Liaison 512-391-6552
Lasserre-Cortez, Shannon Alliance Researcher 800-644-8671
LiCalsi, Christina Alliance Researcher 312-288-7600
Martínez, Carmen Alliance Liaison/Researcher 650-843-8100
Miller, Shazia Alliance Researcher 202-403-5000
Olivar, Sarah Mae Project Coordinator 929-254-8355
Peltola, Pia Alliance Researcher 202-577-4613
Rodriguez, Debra Alliance Researcher 512-391-6604
Ruiz de Castilla, Verónica Alliance Researcher 512-391-6601
Slama, Rachel Alliance Researcher 781-373-7005
Stoker, Ginger Alliance Researcher 512-391-6506
Tucker, Clyde Alliance Researcher 202-403-5000
Van Kummer, Deborah Alliance Researcher 512-391-6551
Walston, Jill Alliance Researcher 202-403-6155
Williams, Haidee Alliance Liaison 512-391-6566
Zabala, Dalia Alliance Liaison 202-403-5985

Communications and Support Staff

Name Title Phone
Goldston, Cora Communications Associate 312-690-7391
Jones, Deborah Administrative Associate 512-391-6615
Nail, Leslie Communications Specialist 512-391-6522
Pate, Kevin Administrative Associate 512-391-6611
Rodriguez, Maria Administrative Associate 512-391-6550
Salas, Norma Administrative Associate 512-391-6558
Shankland, Laura Senior TA Consultant 512-391-6556
Wackwitz, Joni Senior Communications Specialist 512-391-6507