REL Southwest Hosts Workshops for Louisiana Charter School Educators

This fall, the REL Southwest hosted two events to provide resources and strategies for Louisiana educators. The REL Southwest Louisiana Charter School Research alliance held the events in partnership with the Louisiana Charter Schools Research Alliance members and organizations, the Greater New Orleans Collaborative of Charter Schools (GNOCCS), and the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE).

The first event was a back-to-school event on August 3–4, 2017, at Edward Hynes Charter School in New Orleans, Louisiana. The professional development sessions aimed to increase the effectiveness of instructional personnel in the areas of special education and science and mathematics, while also addressing, nurturing, and protecting the social, emotional, and physical welfare of the students they serve.

On August 3, approximately 450 participants consisting of alliance members, principals, and their school staff were on hand throughout the day. Approximately 175 participants attended on August 4. During this event, participants increased their working knowledge on the following topics:

  • Research on Special Education in charter schools
  • Louisiana state policies regarding special education
  • Task-driven strategies to differentiate instruction and improve learning in mathematics.
  • New Louisiana Science Standards and practical methods for increasing knowledge, literacy, and competency in Science.

These topics addressed reflected the priorities of the research alliance and were also a response to federal and state accountability requirements, instructional priorities, and state standards.

On October 16–17, REL Southwest and partners GNOCCS and LDOE held a follow-up professional development workshop at the Orleans Parish School Board Office. The event focused on the New Louisiana Science Standards that were discussed at the back-to-school event. Forty-four science teachers were in attendance over the course of these two days. The presenter, Jean-May Brett, former LDOE Director of Science built on this summer’s training by providing additional science instructional strategies.

Photo of some of the 450 conference participants consisting of alliance members, principals, and their school staff.

Some 450 participants, consisting of alliance members, principals, and their school staff, attended the first day of the conference.

Photo of REL Southwest Louisiana Charter Schools Research Alliance Liaison Dr. Darlene Brown and team member Norma Salas

From left: Darlene Brown, Ph.D., REL Southwest Louisiana Charter Schools Research Alliance liaison, and team member Norma Salas

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