Resource Roundup: Engaging Native Families and Communities

In response to the education needs of our region, REL Southwest works on a variety of projects to support Native students, families, and communities. We conduct this work primarily through our New Mexico Achievement Gap and Oklahoma Rural Schools research alliances.

Webinar Archive: Strengthening School Partnerships with Native Families and Communities (Nov. 8, 2016)

In this free bridge event webinar, experts from REL Pacific and REL Southwest highlight research-based resources to help educators engage Native families and communities in students' academic achievement and career aspirations.  View archive

Webinar Archive: Culturally Responsive Resources for Native Students (May 11, 2016)

Determining the quality of online education resources is often difficult. This free bridge event webinar explores two high-quality online repositories of culturally responsive resources for Native students: the Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation Resource Clearinghouse and the National Indian Education Association Culture-Based Education Repository.  View archive

Ask REL Southwest Reference Desk: Archived Responses

Learn more about research on Native education topics with the following responses to Ask REL Southwest reference desk requests:

  • What are recommended key issues and related strategies to address Native American teacher education, preparation, and retention in Native American communities?  View response
  • What steps, initiatives, or actions does the research literature on professional development suggest are potentially promising for administrators' and teachers’ professional development on American Indian cultural diversity?  View response

News From the Field: Santa Fe Indian School: A High-Performing Native American School in New Mexico

REL Southwest's New Mexico Achievement Gap Research Alliance toured the Santa Fe Indian School to learn about its efforts to close the achievement gap, decrease dropout rates, and preserve Native cultures and languages for Native American students. SFIS has created a learning environment and culture that buoys students and motivates them to beat the odds while preserving their proud heritage.  Read more

News From the Field: Oklahoma Native American Indian Working Group: Innovation Meets Tradition

The Native American Indian Working Group, part of REL Southwest's Oklahoma Rural Schools Research Alliance, focuses on education topics specific to Native students in rural Oklahoma, including family and community involvement, inclusiveness, and student persistence, particularly in higher ed. In 2015, the working group conducted two tribal visits to clarify and prioritize the needs of the state's rural Native students and to learn about programs and strategies tribes are using to address these areas.  Read more

Video Spotlight: Collaborative Research With the New Mexico Achievement Gap Research Alliance

Learn how REL Southwest's New Mexico Achievement Gap Research Alliance partners with school districts and state agencies to improve the academic success of Hispanic and Native American students in New Mexico.  View video

Learn more about our research alliances working to improve outcomes for Native students:

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