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Technical Working Group Meets

We hosted the members of our Technical Working Group (TWG) at SEDL Headquarters in Austin, TX, on April 29, 2014. The TWG consists of four external experts who provide guidance and feedback on our research to ensure it meets the highest level of quality.

REL Southwest staff provided the TWG members with information about our research studies and analytic technical support activities for our research alliances. Engaging in lively conversation, TWG members shared their ideas and insights about these projects, deepening the thinking of REL Southwest staff about the work we are doing with the research alliances and state education agencies in our five-state region.

REL Southwest Technical Working Group

  • Steve Barnett, PhD, National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), Rutgers University
  • Geoffrey Borman, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Hans Bos, PhD, American Institutes for Research (AIR)
  • Dan Goldhaber, PhD, University of Washington

Photo Gallery

Posed shot of four TWG members: Dr. Hans Bos, Dr. Geoffrey Borman, Dr. Steve Barnett, Dr. Dan Goldhaber   REL Southwest leadership listening during meeting (from left): Dr. Michael Vaden-Kiernan, research & evaluation director; Dr. Melissa Dodson, deputy director; Dr. Vicki Dimock, director

TWG members (front): Dr. Hans Bos, Dr. Geoffrey Borman; (back): Dr. Steve Barnett, Dr. Dan Goldhaber


REL Southwest leadership (from left): Dr. Michael Vaden-Kiernan, research & evaluation director; Dr. Melissa Dodson, deputy director; Dr. Vicki Dimock, director

REL Southwest staff and TWG members seated at table and listening during meeting   Dr. Patrick Wolf, AIR, listens while TWG memeber Dr. Dan Goldhaber speaks

REL Southwest staff and TWG members


Dr. Patrick Wolf, Chesapeake Research Associates, (left) and Dr. Dan Goldhaber