Arkansas Prekindergarten Projects

Analytic Technical Support

Arkansas Prekindergarten Data Inventory (completed)

REL Southwest developed a data inventory for the Arkansas Prekindergarten Research Alliance. This inventory provides information on data sources, the data elements contained within those sources, and the applicability of the data to inform and advance the alliance's research agenda. Sources include data collected and maintained by the Arkansas Department of Education, the Arkansas Department of Health Services, the U.S. Department of Education, and other organizations. Data elements included in the inventory focus on children from birth through elementary school; parents, caregivers, and teachers; and prekindergarten programs and elementary schools.

Using Arkansas Research Center Data to Promote Data-Driven Practices Among Educators in Prekindergarten Settings (completed)

As a follow-up to the Arkansas data inventory project (described above), REL Southwest provided technical assistance to members of the Arkansas Prekindergarten Research Alliance, including members affiliated with the Arkansas Research Center, to strengthen their capacity to interpret and use relevant data collected in the state. The focus was on applying the data to inform decisionmaking and improve practice in preK settings.

PreK Participation and GIS Mapping (completed)

REL Southwest provided data analysis and technical assistance to help alliance members describe and map participation patterns and trends for the state-administered Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) preK program. The project examined ABC preK participation by student demographic and geographic categories over a five-year period. A set of Geographic Information System (GIS) maps were developed to illustrate the findings.

Alignment of the Arkansas Teacher Excellence and Support System (TESS) to Other Measures of PreK Teacher Performance (completed)

This technical assistance project compared the TESS with two widely used preschool evaluation instruments: the Early Childhood Environment Rating System (ECERS-R) and the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS™). The goal is to provide alliance members with information about the potential usefulness of TESS as a measure of preK teacher performance. The findings are presented in the form of a crosswalk showing the alignment between the three instruments' domains, dimensions, and criteria.