Educator Effectiveness Projects

Analytic Technical Support

Descriptive Analysis of the Texas Educator Evaluation and Support System Pilot (completed)

REL Southwest provided the Texas Education Agency with technical assistance to help analyze feedback from school districts participating in the pilot of the Texas Educator Evaluation and Support System (TEESS). The findings, which describe the implementation and use of the new teacher and principal evaluation rubrics in pilot districts, will help guide the Texas Education Agency in improving the system.

Policy Scan of Educator Evaluation Systems in the REL Southwest Region (completed)

REL Southwest has completed a scan of policies and practices that support the development and implementation of new state educator evaluation systems in the REL Southwest Region. The results of this policy scan, provided at the state and regional levels, enable members of the Educator Effectiveness Research Alliance to access relevant data and examine, compare, and learn from evaluation practices across the region.

Texas Teacher Supply and Demand

REL Southwest is providing technical assistance to help characterize the supply and demand of teachers in Texas over a  5–year timeframe. This technical assistance will help alliance members and the Texas Education Agency describe disparities in the distribution of teachers in schools, districts, and geographic regions across the state.

Research and Evaluation Studies

The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System Rubric: Properties and Association with School Characteristics

REL Southwest is conducting a statistical analysis of the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) pilot. The findings will assist the Texas Education Agency in developing and using composite measures that accurately evaluate educator effectiveness.

Descriptive Study of Teacher Mobility in Texas

REL Southwest is characterizing the movement of teachers within Texas over five school years to identify patterns and any disparities. The project will also examine the relationship between teacher mobility and teacher effectiveness. The findings will inform state and district educator equity plans.