Louisiana Charter Schools Projects

Analytic Technical Support

Louisiana Charter Schools Data Inventory (completed)

REL Southwest developed a data inventory for the Louisiana Charter Schools Research Alliance. This inventory provides information on data sources, the data elements contained within those sources, and the applicability of the data to inform and advance the alliance's research agenda. Sources include data collected and maintained by the Louisiana Department of Education, the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools, the U.S. Department of Education, and other organizations. Data elements included in the inventory focus on students from kindergarten through high school, with a particular interest in charter school student outcomes.

Louisiana Student Privacy Policy Technical Assistance Project (completed)

REL Southwest provided technical assistance to build alliance members' knowledge and understanding of federal and state student privacy laws and policies. The alliance requested this assistance in part due to recent policy changes in Louisiana. Key topics addressed through this project included changes to education privacy policy since the enactment of COPPA in 2000, how to interpret and understand current student privacy laws and policies, and how to stay abreast of policy changes, including how to assist students in using websites and apps without jeopardizing their privacy and security.

Research and Evaluation Studies

Special Education Longitudinal Enrollment Study for Louisiana Public Charter Schools (completed)

REL Southwest conducted a study to explore the special education enrollment gap between public charter schools and traditional public schools in Louisiana. Drawing on student demographic and enrollment data, the study tracked special education enrollments in each of the four Louisiana communities with charter schools: Baton Rouge, Delhi, Lake Charles, and New Orleans.

Key Indicator Study to Identify Promising Operational, Organizational, and Instructional Features of New Orleans Charter Schools (completed)

At the alliance’s request, REL Southwest conducted a review of the research literature on public charter schools as well as an exploratory analysis of the possible indicators and moderators of charter school effectiveness in New Orleans.