Nonalliance Research and Evaluation Studies

Impacts of a Detailed Checklist on Formative Feedback to Teachers

New Mexico, like many states, has changed its approach to evaluating public school teachers' performance. A critical part of New Mexico's new teacher evaluation system, called NMTEACH, is the feedback conversation that school leaders must have with teachers after formal classroom observations. Given the limited research on principal feedback in teacher evaluation systems and the critical role of this feedback in New Mexico's system, REL Southwest is conducting a study to test the efficacy of providing principals with guidelines intended to improve the feedback provided to teachers. The study is being conducted with the support of the New Mexico Superintendents Association.

Understanding the Impact of Providing Information to Parents about the Role of Algebra II: An Opportunistic Study

REL Southwest is conducting a study related to the changes made under House Bill 5 to the mathematics course requirements for high school graduation. The study will investigate whether providing parents/guardians of students who entered grade 9 in 2014/15 with information about the changes has an impact on the students’ mathematics course enrollment in high school.

An Examination of Trends in Algebra II Enrollment and Completion in Texas Public High Schools

REL Southwest is working with the Texas Education Agency to examine trends in the percentage of students who enroll in algebra II, complete algebra II, and pass/fail their first advanced mathematics course (any mathematics course above geometry) by the end of their junior year for students who entered grade 9 in the 2004/05 to 2014/15 school years. REL Southwest will pay particular attention to the percentage of low-income, low-achieving, and minority students' enrolling in and completing algebra II. This study builds on the study described above.