Haidee Williams, Ph.D.
Alliance Liaison

Texas Hispanic STEM Research Alliance

Core Alliance Members

Alliance Planning–Leadership Team

Tricia Berry, Director
Women in Engineering Program/Texas Girls Collaborative Project, University of Texas-Austin

Dr. Carmen Mercedez, Director of Neighborhood Longhorns Program
University of Texas at Austin

Elizabeth C. Powers, Grant Coordinator
University of Texas at Arlington


Ravae Villafranca Shaeffer, Co‑Director of Transformation Central
Texas TSTEM Center, Region 20 Education Service Center, San Antonio

Dr. James A. Telese, Professor of Mathematics Education
University of Texas-Brownsville

Michael Acosta, Chair of the Board of Directors
American STEM Alliance, MAES Latinos in Science and Engineering, El Paso

Dr. Teresita E. Aguilar, Higher Education Consultant

Tori Austin, Executive Director, Curriculum & Insturction
Judson Independent School District, San Antonio

Jerel Booker, Senior Director, Quality and Special Programs
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Austin

Sandra (Sandy) Botello, District K–12 Science Specialist
Edgewood Independent School District, San Antonio

Peggy Carnahan, Director
Center for Science and Mathematics Education, Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio

Adam Chavarria, Past President and Founder
American STEM Alliance

JoAnn Gama, Co-Founder & Chief of Schools
IDEA Public Schools, Weslaco

Dann Garcia, Executive Director
Texas Valley Communities Foundation, Mercedes


Jorge Haynes, Alliance President (Interim) and External Relations
California State University, American STEM Alliance

Dr. Rodolfo Jimenez Jr., STEM Coordinator
Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence, University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Judith Loredo, Assistant Commissioner, P–16 Initiatives
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Austin

Dr. Michael Marder, Co-Director, UTeach
University of Texas at Austin, American STEM Alliance

German Ramos, Project Coordinator: T‑STEM
Region 13 Education Service Center, Austin

Dr. Mary Alice Reyes, Executive Vice President
Texas Valley Communities Foundation, Mercedes

Dr. Raul ‘Rudy’ Reyna, Executive Director, Prefreshman Engineering Program (PREP)
University of Texas-San Antonio, American STEM Alliance

Karen E. Rich, Science Department Head
DeKalb High School, DeKalb Independent School District, DeKalb

Sarah L. Rodriguez, Assistant Professor
Iowa State University, Ames, IA