Arkansas Prekindergarten Research Alliance

 This alliance brings together early childhood educators, policymakers, researchers, and others to examine and improve the state's prekindergarten programs.

Research findings consistently show the positive effects of high-quality early childhood education on children’s development and later academic success.1 The Arkansas Prekindergarten Research Alliance is examining factors related to improving the quality and effectiveness of the state’s preK programs and their impact on children’s school readiness and grade 3 success.

Alliance work includes refining the research agenda and supporting the use of data to inform and improve policy and practice. In addition, the alliance builds the knowledge base and capacity of Arkansas preK educators and policymakers to understand and apply data and research evidence.


  • Inform the state-level creation and maintenance of a comprehensive preK–12 data system
  • Extend the evidence base on the impact of the state's preK initiatives on student outcomes
  • Refine and develop innovations to support the alignment and measurement of standards and benchmarks for early childhood programs

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