Educator Effectiveness Research Alliance

 This research alliance serves as a collaborative forum for educators, policymakers, researchers, and others to examine and address key issues related to educator effectiveness, including educator preparation and evaluation.

Every state in our region has identified educator effectiveness as a top-priority education issue. As our states work to improve educator preparation programs and evaluation systems, policymakers and education leaders have a pressing need for research to guide these efforts.

Our Educator Effectiveness Research Alliance seeks to use data and research evidence to inform the design, implementation, and evaluation of educator effectiveness initiatives and policies across our region, with an initial focus on Texas. Alliance work includes developing a research agenda and building the capacity of states in our region to use data and evidence to inform programs, policy, and practice. Our staff works closely with alliance members and supports them by conducting research and providing technical assistance in response to their needs.


  • Explore and investigate factors related to educator effectiveness and used in educator evaluation systems, including educator preparation programs and inservice professional development
  • Provide stakeholders in the REL Southwest Region with research technical assistance and capacity building to support the design, implementation, and evaluation of educator effectiveness systems and initiatives
  • Provide education stakeholders interested in improving educator effectiveness systems in the REL Southwest Region with opportunities to network, learn from one another, and share knowledge and lessons learned with the field and broader stakeholder groups

Alliance Contact

Doug Fireside
Alliance Liaison

About the Alliance