Louisiana Charter Schools Research Alliance

 This alliance brings together educators, policymakers, researchers, and others to identify and promote the characteristics of high-performing charter schools in Louisiana.

The number of charter schools in Louisiana is rising rapidly, intensifying the need for educators and policymakers to ensure the quality of these schools. Research findings related to charter school performance, however, have been inconsistent across studies and contexts.1

To address this critical need, the Louisiana Charter Schools Research Alliance seeks to identify indicators of program quality and effectiveness among charter schools. The findings will inform charter school improvement in the state. Alliance work includes refining the research agenda and supporting the use of data and evidence to improve charter school programs, practice, and policy. In addition, the alliance builds the knowledge base and capacity of Louisiana charter school educators and policymakers to understand and apply data and research evidence.


  • Identify evidence-based factors related to improving charter school performance and student achievement in Louisiana
  • Build the state's capacity to use data and evidence to support, implement, and maintain effective initiatives to improve and monitor charter school performance and student achievement

1. Gleason, P., Clark, M., Tuttle, C. C., & Dwoyer, E. (2010). The evaluation of charter school impacts. Retrieved from http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/pubs/20104029/pdf/20104030.pdf