Research Agendas

Each of our research alliances has developed a research agenda to guide the alliance's research studies and technical assistance projects. To develop these agendas, alliance members identified research topics that represented high-priority needs within the alliance's focus area and state. Members then narrowed and refined the topics to identify subtopics, research questions, and potential projects.*

Alliance Research Agendas Adobe PDF icon

Tools for Framing Your Research Agenda Using a Research Continuum

  • Cross-Alliance Webinar
    This webinar describes how to develop a comprehensive research agenda and examines the value and uses of different types of research in answering questions about policy and practice.
  • Sample Alliance Work Session
    Building on the cross-alliance webinar, face-to-face work sessions were held with each alliance to guide members through the steps for developing a research agenda. As a sample, the materials from the Arkansas PreK Research Alliance work session are provided.

    *All projects listed in the research agendas must be approved by the Institute of Education Sciences, which oversees the REL Program, and not enough resources are available to develop projects that address every research question. The remaining questions are intended to be a source of ideas for future research projects. The research agendas will be reviewed and revised annually to update the status of existing projects and to include questions for new topics, if necessary.