Tools and Workshops

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Alignment of the Arkansas Teacher Excellence and Support System to Other Measures of Prekindergarten Teacher Performance

November 2017

This resource toolkit describes the development of a crosswalk to compare the Arkansas Teacher Excellence and Support System (TESS) with two widely used preschool evaluation instruments.

Video still showing a teacher helping a female English learner high school student

Early Warning and Risk Prevention for English Learner Students

June 2017

This resource toolkit provides a series of videos and webinars on using early warning systems to identify and support English learner students at risk of falling behind academically or of dropping out.

Cover of REL Southwest Arkansas Prekindergarten Data Inventory

Data Inventories

December 2015

These six data inventories identify relevant data available at the federal, state, and local levels to support research studies and technical support projects in six priority areas related to our research alliances.

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Tools for Framing Your Research Agenda Using a Research Continuum

November 2013

This toolkit includes resources to assist in developing a comprehensive research agenda, including the value and uses of different types of research in answering questions about education policy and practice.