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REL Southwest Spotlight Vol. 5, No. 3: Late Fall 2017 // Vol. 5, No. 3 // Late Fall 2017 //
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Serving Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas

Over the past five years, we have collaborated with educators, policymakers, and others in our region to conduct research and support the use of evidence and data to address high-priority education needs. We carried out this work primarily through eight research alliances.

This year marks the culmination of these efforts as we share the results of all our research studies. We hope you will browse our latest reports and resources below, including highlights of our accomplishments.

And we have another reason to celebrate. We are excited to announce that American Institutes for Research has been awarded the 2017–22 REL Southwest contract! We look forward to another five years of working with our region to improve education outcomes for all children.

Michael Vaden-Kiernan, Ph.D., REL Southwest Director

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New Reports and Resources

Time to Proficiency for Hispanic English Learner Students in Texas

This report examines factors that influence the time it takes grade 1 Hispanic EL students in Texas to attain English language proficiency and meet state academic standards.  See more

Early Warning Systems for English Learner Students

This toolkit of videos and webinars provides fundamentals and best practices for using early warning systems to identify and support at-risk English learner students. See more

Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System Rubric: Properties and Association with School Characteristics

This report uses pilot-year data to examine the ability of the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T‑TESS) rubric to differentiate teacher performance.  See more

Associations Between Predictive Indicators and Postsecondary Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Success Among Hispanic Students in Texas

This report identifies factors that predict whether Hispanic and non-Hispanic high school students in Texas will pursue or earn a postsecondary STEM degree. See more

Advanced Course Offerings and Completion in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in Texas Public High Schools

This report examines Texas high school students' access to and completion of advanced STEM courses, with a focus on Hispanic students. See more

Graduation Exam Participation and Performance, Graduation Rates, and Advanced Coursetaking Following Changes in New Mexico Graduation Requirements, 2011–15

This report examines graduation exam performance and student enrollment in Algebra II and lab sciences under New Mexico's new high school graduation requirements, with a focus on American Indian and Hispanic students.  See more

Advanced Course Completion Rates Among New Mexico High School Students Following Changes in Graduation Requirements

This report examines the percentage of New Mexico high school students who enrolled in and completed advanced coursework following new graduation requirements.  See more

Indicators of Successful Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Oklahoma Rural School Districts

This report examines 10 years of data to identify teacher, district, and community characteristics associated with successful teacher recruitment and retention in Oklahoma's rural school districts, which are facing a historic teacher shortage.  See more

Alignment of the Arkansas Teacher Excellence and Support System (TESS) to Other Measures of Prekindergarten Teacher Performance

This technical assistance report and resource toolkit provide a crosswalk comparing the Arkansas TESS to the ECERS-3 and CLASS Pre-K assessments. See more

Our Work

Video: Celebrating REL Southwest's Accomplishments, 2012–2017

Our Governing Board joined us in September for a reception showcasing our work over the past five years. In this video, board members discuss the importance of the REL work in their states and the impacts they've seen.  See more

Video: Implementing a Data Literate Culture in an Oklahoma Rural Setting

Through our Oklahoma Rural Schools Research Alliance, we provided a rural district in Oklahoma—Homer Elementary in Byng Public Schools—with technical assistance on using data to inform classroom instruction. In this video, we catch up with Homer's principals and teachers a year later to document their progress.  See more

Research Findings Spur Efforts to Improve Professional Development for Rural Teachers

This blog post, featured in Education Week, recounts how we collaborated with our Oklahoma Rural Schools Research Alliance to examine and improve professional development in the state's rural schools. A researcher perspective is featured in a related blog post. See more

Latest News from REL Southwest

Visit our newsroom to learn more about our work and its impact. See more

Webinar Archives

Did you miss one of our bridge event webinars this fall? Download the presentations and handouts and view the webinar videos.  See more

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Our Research Alliances

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If you live in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, or Texas, we're here to answer your research-based questions about education policies, programs, and practices.

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REL Southwest is one of 10 Regional Educational Laboratories funded by the Institute of Education Sciences in the U.S. Department of Education. These labs provide applied research and evaluation, analytic technical support, and services and products to address pressing regional education needs, inform policy and practice, and improve student outcomes.
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